Timing Is Everything

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If I were to coin a phrase about buy consumer electronics it would be, “don’t watch the price after completing your purchase.” Usually, over time, the price of consumer electronics goes down, or, if the item is already at its lowest sustainable price, the features or extras go up for the same price.

Personal computers, both desktop and laptop, have razor thin margins. Manufacturer suggested list prices barely cover the cost of components and assembly. Prices may drop a little once in a while, but more often than not, speedier processors or more memory or larger hard drives are made available for the same price point. All of which means there’s no good time to buy a new laptop if you are going to be upset by a newer, sleeker, faster one being released after your purchase. Whether it is six months later or six days later, it is going to happen.

Buying a new computer also has a bit of the popular “washed the car yesterday so it is raining today” cause and effect pattern.¬†On Saturday I purchased a new computer, so naturally the Apple Store is currently “down” today while it is being updated. Rumors indicate new plastic MacBooks, new iMac minis, new iMacs, and maybe a surprise. I know that the MacBook Pro I just bought will sooner (rather than later) be upgraded. I’m okay with that.

I just hope that it’s not today.

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