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Every year in December I start to think about tracking the books I read for a year. I frequently am reading more than one book at a time, and sometimes I read two or three books in a week. Being the child of organized list makers, tracking what I read isn’t necessarily a simple thing. Do you track only those books which are new, or can you count ones that you’ve read before?

This year I’ve decided to add a new posting for each book I finish reading. The posting will indicate whether or not this is a first-read or a re-read, and it will included, thanks to my Amazon Associates account, a link to the book on Amazon. If you should follow that link and make a purchase, I’ll get a pittance in return.

Once before I used a spreadsheet to track my reading habits for a calendar year and if my memory is right I read about 75 books that year, with perhaps 45 of those being new, first-reads, and the rest being re-reads. My guess is that I’ll read about 50 books in 2010.

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