It Might Get Loud

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With Sibylle in Germany for a week I’ve been watching a lot of movies to fill the time. At only a dollar a movie per night, Redbox has figured prominently in providing new material to watch. With several Redboxes in town and the ability to checkout their inventory online, I’ve been able to pick and choose movies I wanted to see.

Among them was a documentary called It Might Get Loud. It’s a conversation with Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White; three generations of guitarists. I throughly enjoyed the film but there was one moment that defined the whole thing for me.

Jimmy Page was talking about wanting to get a particular sound, a sustain, and how someone developed for him a pedal that gave him that sound. To demonstrate he played the opening of Whole Lotta Love in front of The Edge and Jack White. Both other guitarist were smiling and Edge stood up and moved closer to watch. It was amazing to see one of the premiere guitarists in the world, someone that most aspiring players would give their left ahem to play like so totally entranced by another guitarists playing.

You always hear about the people world class performers or athletes admire, but you rarely get to see that admiration so clearly and openly.

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