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  1. I started playing violoncello six months ago.

  2. I have only seen or talked to my brother twice in four years.

  3. I have been to Germany twice so far this year.

  4. So far this year I have read 36 books.

  5. After a 15 year hiatus I have started riding my bicycle again this year.

  6. I commute 8 minutes (each way) to work when driving.

  7. I commute 20 minutes (each way) to work when bicycling.

  8. Twenty-seven years after I completed my Bachelor’s degree I am starting a Master’s degree.

  9. Every year it takes longer and longer to write these lists. This year’s was started on April 12th.

  10. I now own three bicycles.

  11. Our car is a hybrid and we average about 40 ~ 42 mpg.

  12. If I live to be 98 I am now middle aged.

  13. Ever since the Bicentennial I have wanted to live to see the Tricentennial.

  14. I’ll be 116 years old on July 4, 2076

  15. My cello repertoire (including single string, five-note pieces) is 35 pieces now.

  16. This web site, which I created, is now over 14 years old.

  17. In addition to corn I now eat cooked carrots. My mother would be so proud.

  18. I have had the same cell phone for over 4 years.

  19. I have had nine jobs since graduation from college.

  20. After Illinois, I have lived the longest in Kansas.

  21. I have, or contribute to, six web sites.

  22. I have ten email addresses.

  23. I can now read music.

  24. I still haven’t been to Alabama.

  25. Our household has 5 laptops, 4 desktops and one iPod Touch.

  26. The Winne-the-Pooh stories are still my favorite childhood books.

  27. I can count to twenty in three languages.

  28. I can count to one hundred in two languages.

  29. I don’t know how high I can count in my cradle language.

  30. By the end of this calendar year, I will have traveled outside of the United States ten times.

  31. This calendar year alone, I will travel outside the US three times.

  32. 18 months after having Lasik surgery on my eyes, I required trifocal glasses to see properly.

32.  My favorite new sandwich at Panera is their Cuban - without the pickles, please.

  1. I believe that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

  2. I prefer Twitter to Facebook.

  3. I am a “see you later” person. As opposed to a “I’ll be in touch” or “It’s been nice talking to you” person.

  4. The older I get the spicier I like my food.

  5. I can now say things like “Twenty-five years ago…” and have it mean a period of time when I was an adult.

  6. I have read Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon once every year since it was publish in 1999.

  7. I don’t remember my dreams but I do remember Christmas when I was two and a half.

  8. I have studied, and hold rank in, two martial arts.

  9. I am the fifth generation in a row in my family to be married twice.

  10. My middle name, Hanford, is my great-grandfather’s middle name. And his father’s given name.

  11. After losing 57 pounds 3 years ago, I’ve regained 15.

  12. I’ve had my left earlobe pierced twice.

  13. I’ve had 5 surgeries (involving a scalpel) and 6 procedures (involving an endoscope).

  14. The song Suite Judy Blue Eyes always reminds me of summer and the swimming pool.

  15. I prefer Coca-cola and Macs to Pepsi and Windows.

  16. I’ve had a beard since 1998.

  17. Today I am seventeen thousand eight hundred and ninety seven days old.

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