How to Ruin the Movie Going Experience

August 08, 2010

Step One: Go to the movies.1

1 The last movie I went to see, Salt, was proceeded by 35 minutes of commercials, ads, music videos, and previews. I haven’t watched television in roughly four years, and for the last four or five years I did inhale it was through a Tivo which allowed me to skip the commercials. Paying to see them is painful.

For reasons not explained the theater decided to follow 7 or 8 minutes of commercials with 10 minutes of music videos, sans the video part. The lights were halfway dimmed but the screen was blank as we were regaled with two-and-a-half pieces of “music.” I observed several people leaving the theater after looking back at the projection booth - presumably to ask why we were getting music instead of the movie. I used my cell phone to call the theater and complain.

Once the music was stopped, in mid-atonal wail, the previews started. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trailer and frequent the Apple Trailers site to see what is coming out soon. But somehow the theater never manages to show those trailers. Instead you get previews of movies that ought never to have been made in the first place. And not just one or two, but nearly twenty minutes worth.

Next time the show time is listed as 5:20 I’ll know to arrive at 5:55.

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