Just a Typical Thursday

August 12, 2010

This evening Sibylle received an email from Delta letting her know that she has been upgraded to 1st class for the Atlanta to Kansas City leg of her return trip. The date on the notice was for Saturday, August 14th and not Sunday, August 15th.

Turns out when we made the reservation back in early July we picked the 14th and not the 15th as the return date and then promptly forgot and started using the wrong date. Fortunately she will be able to complete the items on her list tomorrow, Friday, and transfer to the hotel (La Village) for one night before coming home on Saturday.

What makes this story better is what happened earlier today…

A couple of days ago we talked about getting her a reservation at La Village for the last two nights of her stay so that the bed could be taken out of the apartment, and so she wouldn’t have to figure out what to do with a wet towel, et cetera, the last morning. I made that reservation and had the confirmation copied to her email address.

This morning she got to reading it and discovered that I had booked the WRONG MONTH. Hotels.com has a great interface, but it assumes when you go to make a hotel reservation that it is at least two weeks away and not later that same week. I didn’t pay attention to the week, just the days of the week. Fortunately I was able to call hotels.com and move the reservation to this weekend. Or course now we’ve paid for one night that she won’t use, but that’s a small price to pay since she’ll be home Saturday night.

Oh, and one more thing.

When she discovered the real return date for her flight she called me on the phone. I was in the car and you can’t talk on a cell phone in Manhattan in a car any more (legally), so I pulled into a parking lot to take the call. When I put my phone back in my pocket I stuck it in the other front pocket, the one where my wallet lives.

Yeah. You see where this is going…

I returned to my office (closest place with Internet connection) and called her back via Skype. As I was setting up the Skype call, Sibylle called again so I pulled my phone out of my pocket. Now it is worth noting that it has been 105º every day for about a week now, and everything is sticky as a result. My phone stuck to my wallet and pulled it out too.

On to the floor.

Without me noticing.

Once Sibylle and I had the whole plane / hotel deal figured out and knew that she could finish up a day early and that she would be home a day early, we said good night and I set off for the grocery store. Wen I arrived at the self-check out I didn’t have my wallet.

I raced back to work, realizing that it must have gotten pulled out with my phone, but I couldn’t find it in my office. Not on the desk, not on the floor. Nowhere. Panic.

Back to the car – not here. Back to my office – not there.

Finally, I forced my self to catch my breath and calm down. Then I saw it, on the floor on my office. It was right out in the open, just hard to see.


Sibylle will be home Saturday night and I have found my wallet but lost my mind. Otherwise everything here is good.

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