Giant Auto II Magnetic Trainer

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This morning, after taking my bicycle to the local independent bike shop to try out of couple of their trainers, I purchased a Giant Auto II magnetic trainer. I found it to be a tad quieter than the comparable CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer, and perhaps a tad easier to pedal. Although the pedalingĀ resistanceĀ could have the roller being too tight against the rear wheel.

The trainer is dirt-simple to set up: You take it out of the box and unfold it. Getting the bike onto the trainer is only slightly more difficult; after some trial fittings and adjusting the spindle clamps, you are all set.

Once the bike is on the trainer the rear wheel is about three inches in the air, which means you “ride” downhill or at least at an uncomfortable angle, until you prop up the front wheel. All the trainer manufacturers make a nifty molded plastic wheel chock, but I opted to use four old boards for now. Since the bike is rigidly held into place the front wheel doesn’t move at all, so the boards will suffice.

After several minutes remember how to reset the odometer on my anging Cateye cycle computer (while not losing the all important wheel size), I was all set for my first training ride.

Five minutes later I was ready to stop. For now.

Not only am I out of aerobic shape, I have no real muscle tone, and most importantly, no callus for the hard little leather saddle on my road bike. I really used to ride a 100 miles on that thing? Seriously?

The trick now will be to gradually build up my endurance and overall conditioning. I don’t want to hurt myself or burn out so that I don’t keep this up. My self imposed goal is only 120 days away now, and I have 27 pounds yet to shed.

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