Inguinal Nerve

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Many, many years ago, when I was serious about bicycling and rode year round, I rarely had trouble with my inquinal nerve getting pinched. Today, however, during my trainer ride in the garage I experienced numbness in my groin. It’s an odd sensation, not one I really recommend, and I hope that minor adjustments to my bicycle’s geometry can address it.

What is counter-intuitive about the adjustments is raising the nose of the saddle to force the “sitz” bones back onto the wider part of the seat. The setup on my road bike hasn’t changed in years, I’m afraid it’s the rider whose geometry has, ah, shifted. If I’m not able to eliminate the numbness on my own, I may return to the bike store and see what adjustments they would recommend. There are some in the medical field who report that prolonged interference with either the nerves or blood vessels involved may cause medical issues - I’d rather skip that if at all possible.

Prior to getting the trainer I was curious how my elbow would react to the stresses of stationary riding. Turns out it handles that far better than it does riding on the road. On the road it acts as a shock absorber, constantly flexing and relaxing as I and the bicycle move. On the trainer it only has to support my weight, and then just when I lean forward. Hopefully it’ll becomeĀ strengthened by the stationary riding making on-the-road riding less painful this summer.

Finally, I hope that short daily trainer sessions will toughen up my seat so that riding isn’t something to be endured. I know this will happen, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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