One Week of Trainer Riding

January 16, 2011

I managed to ride four times for a total of about 20 miles in my first week of having a stationary trainer for my bicycle. I had hoped to ride Friday and Saturday but events conspired against me. And today, after the completion of String Fling I was entirely too tired to make myself go to it.  We did shovel snow of the neighbor’s driveway however, so I got some exercise.

Starting tomorrow I have ever intention of upping the time I spend on my daily “ride.” I rearrange the garage so that I have a shelf in front of the bicycle, complete with a power outlet, so I’ll be able to take a laptop and DVD with me to provide some diversion while I pedal to nowhere.

I haven’t been too good about limiting my colorie intake this week, so my weight hasn’t dropped at all. While I may or may not lose weight as a result of training rides, I will certainly improve my aerobic conditioning and stamina. And my ability to withstand incredibly boring activities.

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Mark H. Nichols

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