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January 18, 2011

With an iPad at my disposal I have been exploring some of the available applications. Apple is quick to tout the number of apps available from the App Store, but as it turns out, quantity isn’t the same as quality.

One of the apps I’ve tried is the WordPress for iPad tool. In theory this application allows you to interface with the administration side of your WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress site. In actuality I have had trouble with it. Yesterday I posted a new entry about having lived in our house for one month now. Somehow the app decided that I really meant to post this on January 8th. I had to edit the post date/time this morning to properly position the entry on my site.

Once you start an entry on the iPad there is no obvious way to delete it. I think the reason yesterday’s posting was published on the 8th and not the 17th was caused by my overlaying a previous draft rather than successfully deleting it from the iPad WordPress app.

As convenient as using the iPad may be for some things, using it as a front end for managing my website is not its strong suit. This entry, and those that follow, will be done the old fashioned way - from a browser tab on my laptop.

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Mark H. Nichols

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