New Neighbors

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One of the exciting things about moving is getting new neighbors. You never know just what to expect. Last night, around nine-thirty we got a chance to observe some of our neighborhood’s residents while they were out for an evening stroll.

On Sunday afternoon we shoveled the snow off one of our neighbor’s driveway. She had been gone for much of the semester break and all the snow the fell around Christmas was still piled up on her drive. I like the idea of random acts of kindness and so I told Sibylle I wanted to shovel her driveway for her. We went over together and took turns shoveling snow. While we were there we saw¬†evidence¬†of other residents - tracks in the snow - and wondered when we might see them in person. At the time we commented that they must be walking at night.

So when Sibylle called to me that she could see them I came running. Four residents were milling around in one of the yards behind us, enjoying the cold night air and relative privacy of the dark. While it was a bit hard to see in the dark it appeared to be a family, with adults and children. My camera wasn’t up to the low-light situation, so you’ll have to take my word for it that there were four deer in the neighbor’s yard having dinner.

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