Changing Landscape

January 26, 2011

Several of the lots around us aren’t developed yet, so we have been enjoying a sense of space, and sight-lines that will, one day soon, be obstructed. We knew this intellectually, but now that one of the vacant lots is being developed we are faced with the reality of a house in “our” backyard.

The ground behind our house drops away considerably so that the house which will eventually be most apparent in our view will be lower than us. We’ll be able to see the far horizon over the roof of that house, and things in the foreground to either side of it. The house that was started this week is off to the west of us, or to the right side of our backyard when you stand with your back toward our house. The view that way will be obscured by the new house as it is nearly as far up the slope as we are.

At one time last August we were seriously considering that very lot for ourselves, but eventually decided that the sight lines were better here than two over. We still feel that way, however it will be interesting to visit that other house as it is being built to see what its view would have been.

The other thing about the building is the noise and traffic. This morning Sibylle counted about 20 trucks and men at the new site. And they start early in the morning, the first two were there when I left for work at 7:15 am. By this time next year all the lots around us should be completed, we hope, and the construction chaos moved elsewhere.

I like that we are here early enough to see some of the changes. It is sad in a way to see what was here smoothed and shaped and manicured for a subdivision, but it is exciting in another way to watch the process and see the lots and houses take shape.

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