Creatures of Habit

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The music theory class I’m taking this spring occurs in a general purpose room in the music department. The class before us has all the xylophones out, and there’s a jazz band that meets there immediately following our class. Consequently there are no fixed chairs in the room. Instead there are stacks of plastic chairs in the back.

At the start of my class, as the xylophones are being wheeled away, we all grab a chair and find a place to sit. Since the jazz band needs chairs we don’t have to put things away afterwards. What I find fascinating about this ad-hoc arrangement is that after just one week we are all sitting in pretty much the same place every class period. No assigned seating, and no fixed chairs, and yet we all gravitate to the same general spot from one day to the next.

If I weren’t such a Taurus I’d deliberately sit in a new place each class period just to observe the impact on the people around me. Whereby “Taurus” I mean stubborn creature of habit.

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