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This afternoon I replaced two light switched in our bathroom, which made me feel like a true homeowner.

The original switches were fine except that they were what stopped the linen cabinet door when it was opened all the way. We were afraid that over time the door would become marred from contact with the switches so we replaced them with the flat style ones.

It took three tries to find the right circuit breaker in the garage to turn off. In the switch labeled “master” was the one that I needed; it also took out all the lights in the master bedroom. Eventually I’ll want to redo the labeling in the junction box as it was done with a thick-point permanent pen and is hard to read.

With the electricity off I was able to remove the old switches but I had to work at getting the wires off, or rather out. The switches have some kind of hole in the back that lets the electrician just shove the bare wire end in and he’s done. There is a release tab but it proved to be difficult to reach and operate.  I was able to remove three of the four wires and had to cut the fourth.

The new switches were easy to install, and work beautifully. Now we can open the door with out fear of denting or marring the finish. And I feel more like it’s our house since I’ve made changes to it without electrocuting myself.

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