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After reading about them and looking them over, I’ve finally decided to take the font plunge using Google Fonts. The process couldn’t be easier, and the results are worth the few minutes time it takes.

What really made the process easy, and fun, was the new Font Combinator site. Here you can choose different fonts and see them in action. After picking and discarding several combinations of fonts I finally settled on two. Or three. Okay, seven. After seeing them on my site I was able to narrow things down to just two.

The “” anchor at the top of each page is now in MedievalSharp, and the body and everything else is Muli. Along with changing the fonts I’ve started to fiddle around with the various font sizes. Hopefully the new font and size arrangement makes things more pleasing to the eye and more readable.

Depending on how your browser refreshes its cache, you may or may not see the new fonts on your next visit. A quick Google search on “browser refresh cache” will lead you to the steps necessary for your browser.


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