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September 19, 2011

Ever since I was a small child I’ve had a love affair with books. Both of my parents read out loud to me from the time I was a small boy. One of my proudest moments as a child was getting my own library card and being able to checkout books from the library.

I read every day and I like to make lists, so I’ve added a page devoted entirely to books here on The page uses a nifty Amazon Web Service to grab the cover image of a book using just the Amazon identifier. And the Liquid tags used by Octopress allowed me to build the page with just 12 lines of code. This makes both the nerd in me, and the book lover in me, very happy.

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Mark H. Nichols

I am a husband, cellist, code prole, nerd, technologist, and all around good guy living and working in fly-over country. You should follow me on Twitter.