I Go Swimming

September 29, 2011

In my ongoing effort to find an exercise routine that I (a) like and (b) am willing to incorportate into my daily life, I am now going swimming.

Last winter I bought a magnetic trainer and rode my bicycle on it some, but not regularly and not enough to make a difference in my weight. Over the summer it was too hot to even think about exercise, much less do any.

As a univeristy employee I get access to the rec center and to the natatorium. Yesterday I signed up for three months of pool access and today at 5 pm is the first public swim session available to me. I haven’t been swimming in seven years and I’ve never used swimming as a form of exercise.

Hopefully twice-a-week swim sessions will take hold and grow into a habit. And, if nothing else, I’ve got a great Peter Gabriel song running in my head now as a result of the title for this posting.

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Mark H. Nichols

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