iOS Programming and CS193P

December 05, 2011

A few weeks ago I read about an iOS programming course offered by Stanford, called CS193P iPhone Application Development and was intrigued enough to save a link to the material for future reference. At the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend as I was preparing for a week long business trip I decided to download the course through iTunes University and give it a try.

It is fantastic. I’ve watched the first two lectures twice, and have begun watching the third lecture. The professor, Paul Hegarty, is an outstanding lecturer. The material is excellent and extremely well presented. The quality of the videos and lecture slides is top-notch. Not only am I impressed with the material and its presentation, I am impressed with how quickly I am progressing through the assignments.

I have no C programming experience (I do have more than 30 years of programming under my belt, just never C.) and in the few short hours I’ve devoted to the course I’ve already increased my C, and Objective-C, knowledge a hundred-fold.

If you have any interest in learning about iOS programming and Objective-C I highly recommend this course.

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Mark H. Nichols

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