The Two Towers

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{{ “B003BS18PY” | amazon_mediumleft_image }} The Two Towers has always been the hardest of the three Lord of the Rings series to read. It’s darker, and with the split story line and new characters, harder to follow. As with The Fellowship of the Ring the movie version of this book is dramatically different. Several of the characters are wholly different between the two tellings. In the movies Frodo is a victum, and Strider is unwilling to accept his fate. In the books Frodo is stronger and wiser and Strider is almost eager for his fate. I am not one to analyze what I read, but it has been fun to see the vast differences between the movie version and the printed version of this tale.

I’ve linked to the edition I own even though it is currently unavailable for sale. If you want a copy you’ll have to select a different edition.

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