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I’ve been using Google Chrome as my primary browser for quite some time now. I especially like that the address bar is also the search box. Dozens if not hundreds of times a day I Cmd-Tab to Chrome, Cmd-T to open a new tab, and type in a search term to look something up. Not having to move the insertion point to a separate search field is fabulous.

I’ve slowly added new extension to Chrome to improve its usefulness to me. Here is the current set I’m using.

##Web Developer
Web Developer is the official port of the Firefox Web Developer extension. I don’t use it much, but there are times that it is invaluable.

1Password is my password manager of choice. The extension allows me to access secure sites with a simple shortcut.

##Clip to Evernote
The Evernote extension allows me to capture URLs, clip portions of, or entire web pages. I used to clutter my bookmarks with things I didn’t want to lose track of, and now all that stuff goes into Evernote.

##Xmarks Synchronizer
I’m relatively new to using Xmarks. I was using Chrome’s internal synchronization feature but increasingly the syncs weren’t happening so I switched. The added bonus is synchronization across browsers, so Safari on my Mac is up-to-date and, through iCloud, my iPad and iPhone as well.

##Tabs Counter
Other than being nerdy, Tabs Counter is useless. Still, it is nice to know how many tabs are open at any one time.

The newest of my extensions, Ghostery shows the tracking services embedded in the current page.

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