Updating iPhoto and Posting to Flickr

March 26, 2012

Yesterday I posted about my iPhoto and Flickr integration woes. Today I figured out how to make that integration work. In case you haven’t read yesterday’s posting here’s a recap. I updated from an old version of iPhoto to iPhoto ‘11. When I authorized the new version of iPhoto to access my Flickr account the saved Flickr sets (over 200 in all) weren’t recognized and iPhoto wanted to delete them from Flickr. Thirty minutes of one-on-one time with a genius at the nearby 5th Avenue Apple store did’t resolve the problem.

The problem I stated to them was, “How to I reconnect these old Flickr photosets with the new iPhoto?” And the answer was, “You can’t.” However, the question I didn’t ask was, “Is there any way to create new photo sets and push them to Flickr?” The answer to that, as I’ve just discovered, is “Yes.”

In iPhoto’s preferences, under the Accounts tab I deleted the existing Flickr account. This was the account that was imported from the old version of iPhoto. The delete dialog warned me that, while the pictures would remain on Flickr, I wouldn’t be able to use iPhoto to manage them any more. Since managing them only amounts to unilaterally deleting them, I deleted the account.

Next I shared a test batch of pictures, which created a new Flickr entry under Accounts in iPhoto. I authorized the access through Flickr and I am now uploading pictures to Flickr. The connection between Flickr and iPhoto is bi-directional meaning that changes made to images on either platform are reflected on the other platform. Add a title on Flickr and it appears in iPhoto and vice-versa. In my usage of iPhoto and Flickr I’ve viewed the ability to share as a one-way transfer. I don’t really care about the bi-directional aspect. Deleting the old photo sets means any changes I make to the meta data about those images will only occur in one place (unless I repeat the change on the other platform). I’m fine with that added responsibility – especially since it means I can once again upload images from iPhoto to my Flickr account.

To summarize, if you are upgrading iPhoto and you have an established Flickr connection, you may need to delete the connection and reestablish it to keep the new iPhoto from deleting your photos on Flickr.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll walk back up 5th Avenue and clue in the fine folk at Apple.

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