Skip One Day of Housekeeping Get Free Wi-Fi

March 27, 2012

Big city means big prices. The conference rate for our stay in New York City is over $200 per night. The regular rates are frightening. Complimentary Internet access exists solely in the lobby area of the hotel – where there is very little available seating. Room Internet access is $14.95 per day. A six-night stay equals $90. Which is rather outrageous.

However, as we were checking in to the Hilton we learned that by skipping one day of housekeeping we could get free Wi-Fi for our entire stay. The Hilton, like many other hotel chains, is already only changing bed linens every third day of your stay, and will only replace towels if you leave them on the floor. Skipping housekeeping therefore means the bed doesn’t get made and the trash can doesn’t get emptied. We goth agreed that this was a tiny price to pay for free Internet access.

On a related note, I realize that not every hotel visitor wants or needs Internet access, but I’d prefer it if they’d just bake Wi-Fi into the room rate and be done with it. Let me think I’m getting access for free and I’ll be happier. Yes, some people would be subsidizing my browsing and emailing, but I’m subsidizing their television view as I never turn the TV on in a hotel.

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Mark H. Nichols

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