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Tomorrow marks the day that my employment at Kansas State University ties the third longest stretch I’ve had at a single employer in nearly 30 years of professional work. As a consultant in the late 1990s and early 2000s my engagements changed frequently at times, making for shorter tenures as an employee for any one company.

My longest stretch at one employer was from June 13, 1988 through December 31, 1996, or 3,078 days. Number two on the list clocks in at 1,673 from October 17, 1983 until June 10, 1988. Today my K-State employment reaches 1,231 days which ties the previous number three, my self employment from October 17, 2000 through March 18, 2004.

All told I’ve work 10,282 days. If I work until my 65th birthday I’ve got 5,036 days to go. Working until I’m 70 bumps that count up to 6,836 days.

It is worth noting for any date-math savants in the audience that these durations were calculated using the DAY360 function in Google Speadsheet, which means each month has 30 days. So the durations are accurate to within 5 days per year.

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