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Careful readers of this site may notice that the hosting attribution in the footer has changed. This site, its sister Cello site, my wife’s piano studio and its companion notes site, along with the Manhattan Area Music Teacher’s Association site, and sites for her son, mother, Michele, and my eponymous site have all been moved to WebFaction.

My previous hosting solution was good while it lasted but it had become increasingly unsatisfactory to me. Last week’s 48 hour outage was the final straw. That there was no effort during or since by Bluehost to communicate about the issue, their steps to resolve it, or their process changes to avoid a reoccurrence sealed their fate. Starting Friday I undertook the considerable effort to move all of our sites to WebFaction.

Because I’m a nerd I took notes. Those will be the subject of another posting. For now here are some numbers.

Oh, and along the way I refactored Sibylle’s studio site to change the file types of all her pages from .php to shtml, and cleaned up the page fragments that are used to construct her site.

There are still one or two minor details to iron out but the bulk of the work is now finished. After just three days with WebFaction I am extremely satisfied. Both their pre- and post-sales support has been outstanding and I feel right at home on my new server.

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