Showing Git Commit Counts

June 08, 2012

For sometime I've thought that that using the commit count on a project would make a good version number algorithm. My idea has been to have a file in the project that contains a number. That number is created by a commit hook. Each commit increments the number. I guess this would be more of a "build" number than a true version number. Either way, it would eliminate all the trouble over how to come up with a reliable way to have a version number where MM is the major release, mm is the minor release, and pppp is the patch number.

A quick Google search led me to How to get the git commit count on StackOverflow. As of this posting, answer 14 had two git shortlog commands I liked enough to include in my aliases file.

Show total number of commits in the current repository

This command shows the total number of commits in the current repository for all developers.

git shortlog | grep -E '^[ ]+\w+' | wc -l

Show number of commits by developer

This command is a variation on the first command. It shows each developer's name and then the number of commits they've made to the repository.

git shortlog | grep -E '^[^ ]'

My next project will be to create a git commit hook that works with the first git shortlog command to populate a build count file.

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