Restore iPhone Voice Mail After Using Google Voice App

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When I had an Android phone Google Voice worked wonderfully. Now that I am using an iPhone I find Google Voice to be less useful. Since Google controls both Voice and the Android operating system setting up your Android phone to use Voice is simple. Using Voice on an iPhone is doable but a bit cumbersome. You have to discipline yourself to use the Google Voice App when making calls or sending SMS messages otherwise the Caller ID number show will be your phone’s actual number and not your Google Voice number.

This evening I decided to switch from Google Voice to my “real” number, at least with family and friends. I also wanted to setup and use the iPhone voice mail system and discontinue using Google Voice for messages. I had to do a Google Search in order to stop Voice from intercepting incoming calls. It turns out that when you install the Google Voice app and configure it to be your voice mail, a call forward is setup on your phone. The call forward allows Google Voice to work.

So, to stop using Google Voice for voice messages and start using the iPhone’s voice mail system you need to cancel the call forward. Dial *73 and tap “Call”. This cancels the forward and now all incoming calls will land in your carrier provided voice message box.

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