Facebook Email Invasion

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Apple’s latest update to iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, is expected to be announced (if not delivered) within the next two or three weeks. On anticipated change in the OS is tighter integration with Facebook. I admit to having strong reservations about this turn of events. Ever since the the whole Beacon debacle with Facebook I have had an uneasy, tentative relationship with the service and its privacy (or lack thereof) practices.

This morning I learned that iOS 6 may allow Facebook to spam my contact list with their odious email addresses. This TÚAW article, “[With iOS 6, your address book may be invaded by @facebook.com email addresses](http://www.tuaw.com/2012/09/04/with-ios-6-your-address-book-may-be-invaded-by-facebook-com-em/ “With iOS 6, your address book may be invaded by @facebook.com email addresses””)", outlines what appears to be coming.

I will be waiting to turn on any Facebook integration in iOS 6 to see what others experience first. If what this article is saying proves to be true, and Facebook is spamming address books with their @facebool.com email address, then I will not be enabling Facebook integration on my phone. And I have absolutely no intention of ever using Facebook’s email.

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