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It’s been a long while since I posted anything here, so for lack of a better topic, here’s a list of the 47 tabs currently open in my browser.

Mint - Site visit statistics for my sites
Google Calendar - Sibylle and I make use of Google calendar every single day
Google Drive - Use to be Google Docs. Currently open as we are creating the annual Christmas letter
Christmas Letter - Not actually going to link to this, but it’s open in a tab as well
Github - my collection of git repositories at Github
Typing Practice for Programmers - Had this open for weeks now, should try it sometime
Music for Geeks and Nerds | Errata - Book about music theory and programming I bought and ned to start
zsh-syntax-highlighting - plugin for zsh that adds syntax highlighting to the command line
Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 - excellent set of videos covering the Sublime Text 2 text editor
The Homely Mutt - Fantastically detailed set of instructions in setting up and using mutt for email
Commanding your Text Editor - Comparative shortcuts for commonly performed actions
Migrating from Kindle to iBooks - How to use Calibre to remove DRM from most eBooks
Everything you wanted to know about DRM and eBooks - More about DRM Quartz - some kind of aggregator site I haven’t explored yet
Private by Default - posting about switching a site from http to https
Profiling Vimscript performance - The latest in the excellent Vim casts series
Explorations in Unix - using Unix command line tools for statistical analysis
Music Theory - online music theory exercises
Chords and Double Stopping - interesting thoughts on playing chords and double stops on the cello
Managing Ruby: Moving from RVM to rbenv - I’m tempted to switch from RVM to rbenv
Rubies and Bundles - more on managing Ruby dependencies
Dashing - an open-source dashboard framework
Crash Course in Objective-C for iOS 6 - Objective-C continues to fascinate me
Simple Guide to Phrasing - thoughts about phasing in music
Tea Bag Buddy - stocking stuffer idea for the tea drinker in your life
How Pythonista Changed My Workflow - article about writing Python scripts for iOS
See how long a given process has been running - hint on creating a bash script for monitoring a process
Top 30 NMap Commands - tips for using nmap
Using Slate: A hacker’s window manager for Macs - a how to for using the open source Mac window manager Slate
ScriptKit - Drag and Drop Programming for iPad - nifty tool for programming on iPads
ScriptKit - actual site for ScriptKit
Layouts - window management using Alfred and AppleScripts
heard - source for heard, an open-source project that tracks what music you listen to
Heard - project page for Heard
Take your computer back from your mouse - article on using Alfred
Build a Killer Customized Arch Linux Installation - nuts and bolts approach to customizing a Linux distro
Beginner’s Guide - Arch - wiki site for Arch Linux help
Style Manual - a stylish style manual
Guardian Maximus - a RAID-1 drive enclosure
Big Nerd Ranch iOS Programming, 3rd Edition - a book I wish to have
Learning Chef - part 1 - set of videos to get started using Chef
Automating System Provisioning and Deployment with Chef - using Chef for system provisioning and application deployment
UICollectionView Custom Layout Tutorial - tutorial on customizing a UICollectionView layout
Bold Poker - poker using iOS devices instead of cards
NSHipster - site with weekly articles about iOS development
Blabbermouth - YES Concert - YES is going on tour next spring
The Midland by AMC - the venue for the YES concert in Kansas City

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