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February 08, 2013

At the end of January I received an email asking me if I would be willing to read and review a short book on getting started with Sublime Text 2. The email seemed legitimate and after investigating a little bit I decided to take them up on their offer. Here’s the email:

Hi Mark My name is Dyson D’ Souza and I work for Packt Publishing, a UK-based publishing company specializing in focused IT books. We have recently published a book Sublime Text Starter, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in taking a look at the book and sharing your comments on your blog and on A few details about the book: book composes of around 40 pages, learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results, utilize multiple cursors to edit your text in many locations at the same time, etc. For more information please visit : I’m contacting you because I’m aware that you share good knowledge in the subject this book covers, and so believe that your comments would be important for both consumers and readers alike. For this, I’d be glad to offer you a digital copy of the book.

Would be great to hear from you. Thank you

Kind regards,

Dyson D’ Souza Marketing Research Executive | Packt Publishing | Email:

About a week after I replied I received a second email that contained the details on an account which had been created for me so I could download a PDF copy of the book. I’ve read through it a couple of times now and my review of it follows.

##Instant Sublime Text Starter At 46 pages, Instant Sublime Text Starter is short and to the point. It covers Sublime Text 2 installation (on Windows, Linux, or Macintosh operating systems), walks you through very basic steps on quickly creating and editing a document, and rounds out with a very brief look at some Sublime Text features.

If you were brand new to text editors and wanted something to get you started quickly Instant Sublime Text Starter might be an acceptable resource. Unfortunately there’s no depth to any of the material covered. It really is just a starter.

For anyone with any experience at all setting up and configuring programming tools, the level of discussion in Instant Sublime Text Starter will be too basic. And the suggestion that you edit **Preferences Settings Default** to enable Vintage mode rather than **Preferences Settings User** is not a good idea. Changes made to Settings Default will be overlaid the next time you update Sublime. User configurations and settings should always be made in **Preferences Settings User**.

There are many resources available to get you started in any new topic, and Sublime Text is no exception. For my money I’d recommend the Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 to any developer wanting to really explore Sublime Text. For non-technical users wanting just enough information to get started, you might consider Instant Sublime Text Starter.

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