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Recently I have been enjoying several recurring email newsletters. Several are weekly and a couple are monthly. Unlike a website, where I have to remember to periodically go look for fresh content, these come to me. Also, they all aggregate multiple stories around their topic into one convenient place for me.

Ray’s Monthly Newsletter
Ray Wenderlich’s newsletter is iOS centric, and is an excellent companion to his website, Lots of tutorials and iOS centered articles.

Ruby Weekly
A weekly roundup of Ruby specific events, reading, libraries and code, tools, and some featured articles. Ruby Weekly always has something I find interesting.

iOS Dev Weekly
Dave Verwer publishes iOS Dev Weekly every Friday. It’s a well curated list of articles, tools, code, and design links all centered around iOS development.

Pycoders Weekly
Pycoders Weekly is to Python what Ruby Weekly is to Ruby. A weekly listing of news, jobs, projects, and discussions.

Devops Weekly
I’ve only recently started working in the devops area, and I find that Devops Weekly helps me to learn more about this exciting new convergence between traditional operations and development.

The Bot Cave
Published by thoughtbot, The Bot Cave contains the current state of their research, a first look at new techniques and tools. It’s published monthly.

Lincoln Loop Django Roundup
The Lincoln Loop Django Roundup is a low-traffic newsletter with links to Django content, exclusive access to blogs and screencasts, and discounts on Django learning material.

Postgres Weekly
Postges Weekly focuses on PostgreSQL articles and news.

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