Let Him Be Safe in Sleep

October 15, 2013

Following the death of my father in September we received the many condolences. The poem below was included in one card and I find in particularly moving and meaningful.


Let him be safe in sleep
As leaves folded together
As young birds under wings
As the unopened flower.

Let him be hidden in sleep
As islands under rain,
As mountains within their clouds,
As hills in the mantle of dusk.

Let him be free in sleep
As the flowing tides of the sea,
As the traveling wind on the moor,
As the journeying stars in space.

Let him be upheld in sleep
As a cloud at rest on the air,
As a sea-wrack under the waves
When the flowing tide covers all
And the shells’ delicate lives
Open on the sea-floor.

Let him be healed in sleep
In the quiet waters of the night
In the mirroring pool of dreams
Where memory returns in peace,
Where the troubled spirit grows wise
And the heart is comforted.

by Kathleen Raine

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Mark H. Nichols

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