Save Video from Dropbox to iOS Device

November 07, 2013

In preparation for a presentation she is giving tomorrow my wife wanted to load a short technique video on to her iPad. She had the video in Dropbox but was unable to save it to the device. Clicking on a picture and then on the “save to device” icon works, but for videos this icon is greyed out, it is unavailable.

Videos are sufficiently large that they aren’t saved to the iOS device, they are held in memory. Only by making them a favorite will Dropbox save them so that they reside in local storage.

Here then, is the trick to saving videos to your iOS devices from Dropbox. Select the video in Dropbox and let it synchronize to your device. Now tap the “star” icon to make it a favorite. Next tap the “Favorties” menu.

With the Favorites menu selected, the “save to device” option is now available. Tap it and select “Save to Photo Library”. The video is now available on the iOS device inside the Photos app.

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