Searching Files for a String

February 04, 2014

My website uses Mint as a visitor tracking system. One of the Peppers (as plug-ins are called) displays errors; 404 being the primary culprit.

Last night someone manged to get a 404 trying to visit my posting about my tmux Configuration. Only instead of the date portion of the URL being 2013/09/05 it was 2013/09/06. I was curious if perhaps I’d referenced that posting myself and had gotten the URL wrong. A quick Google search showed me how to use grep to show all occurrences of a string in a set of files.

Here’s the command template:

$ grep -rnw 'diretory' -e "pattern"

-r makes the command recuse through all files, -n causes the line number to be displayed, and -w matches against the whole word. There are two optional parameters, --exclude and --include that can be used for more efficient searching. E.g.,

$ grep --include={*.md,*.markdown} -rnw 'directory' -e "pattern"

Or you could exclude things to improve search efficiency.

$ grep --exclude=*.o -rnw 'directory' -e "pattern"

So in my case I ran this command from the root of my Jekyll installation.

$ grep -rnw _posts -e "2013-09-06"

And got no results. For comparison I ran this command.

$ grep -rnw _posts -e "2013-09-05"
_posts/2013-09-05-my-tmux-configuation:4:date: 2013-09-05 09:31

The single result shows the only occurrence of that date string is on line 4 of the posting itself, in the YAML header.

So not only do I know that the 404 was the fault of the visitor I also know how to rapidly search a directory of files for a string using grep.

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