New Year

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The start of a new year always inspires people to start new ventures, set new goals, and make resolutions. Quite without prior planning or thought I’ve added two new sub-domains to my site today.

##Books I read. I read a lot. I frequently am reading more than one book at a time. Books is where I plan to track all the books I read or listen to this year.

##Health New year beginnings seem to attract health resolutions. I’m not making a resolution. What I am doing is keeping score; tracking my exercise and eating habits. I want to have a more active lifestyle overall and to increase my general fitness. Toward that end I bought a treadmill desk for my office where I hope to walk at least a couple, three, hours every work day. At home we also have a treadmill, and my wife and I take walks most days around the block. By cataloging my health metrics for a year I hope to see patterns, good and not so good, and develop better habits. You can follow along on the new health sub-domain.

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