Installing My Dotfiles Via A Script

January 30, 2016

For too long now I have been putting off creating a script to setup my collection of dotfiles on a new machine. My excuse has always been, “I don’t need to set them up on a new machine that often.” Still it would be nice to run one command rather then enter multiple ln -s ~/.dotfiles/... ... commands in a row.

Here’s my script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# This script creates symlinks for desired dotfiles in the users home diretory.

# Variables
dirs="bash gem git openconnect tmux"

# Update dotfiles to master branch
echo "Updating $dotfiles_dir to master"
cd $dotfiles_dir;
git pull origin master;

echo ""

function makeLinks() {
  # For each directory in dirs, make a symlink for each file found that starts
  # with a . (dot)
  for dir in $dirs; do
    echo "Linking $dir files"
    cd $dotfiles_dir/$dir;
    for file in *; do
      ln -svf $dotfiles_dir/$dir/$file ~/.$file
    echo ""

  # Handle odd-ball cases
  # Vim files¬
  echo "Linking vim files"
  ln -svf $dotfiles_dir/vim ~/.vim;
  ln -svf $dotfiles_dir/vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc;
  ln -svf $dotfiles_dir/vim/vimrc.bundles ~/.vimrc.bundles;

  # ssh
  echo ""
  echo "Linking ssh configuration."
  ln -svf $dotfiles_dir/ssh/config ~/.ssh/config

  echo ""
  echo "Caveats:"
  echo "Vim:  If remote server, rm .vimrc.bundles"
  echo "Bash: If local server, rm .bashrc.local"

  echo ""

  echo "Finished."

if [ "$1" == "--force" -o "$1" == "-f" ]; then
  read -p "This may overwrite existing files in your home directory. Are you sure? (y/n) " -n 1;
  echo ""
  if [[ $REPLY =~ ^[Yy]$ ]]; then
unset makeLinks;

Some Caveats:

The dirs variable has a list of the configurations I want to setup using this script. All of the files in each of those directories is symlinked in turn. I’m using the -svf flags on the ln statement.

To make the script a scant more friendly it offers a --force option, that eliminates the “Are you sure?” prompt.

As with any script you find laying around on the Internet, read the source and understand what it’s doing before unleashing it’s awesome powers on your computer.

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