Triple Boot Part 2: Install Windows 10 with a Larger EFI Partition

January 26, 2019

This posting is part of a multi-part series on configuring a laptop with three different operating systems using systemd-boot. The series starts with How to Install Three Operating Systems on One Laptop.

Installing Windows is very straight forward; answer a few questions (and mute Cortana) and you’re all set. However if you want to alter the size of the EFI partition to be larger the process is not so straight forward.

I was able to figure it out with the help of this article: How to Change the UEFI System Partiton Size in Windows Setup.

In a nutshell when the partition dialog appears you will open a command line window, and use the diskpart command to delete everything but the Recovery partition. Next you create and format a larger EFI partition. When you leave the command line and return to the graphical dialog and reselect New the installer will create the missing partitions and keep the ones already created.

From the article:

You should now have four partitions: Recovery, System (ESP), MSR, and Primary.

You should now be back in the graphical Windows Setup partitioning tool where nothing has changed since the last time you looked at it.

You should now have a disk with a default Windows Recovery tools partition, a 500 MiB UEFI System Partition, and some unallocated space for your Windows installation.

Select the unallocated space from the disk list and click the New button to automatically recreate the MSR and System partition in the remaining space.

Proceed with the rest of the install following the prompts. Mute Cortana or suffer the results.

Once the Windows installation is finished you are ready to move on to Triple Boot Part 3: Install Arch Linux and Set Up systemd-boot.

This posting is part of a mulit-part series on installing three operating systems on a single laptop.

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