Updating My Weechat Configuration

May 24, 2021

In January 2015 I wrote about how I had setup Weechat and Bitlbee in a posting called “A Guide for Setting Up Weechat and Bitlbee”. Since that time I have continued to use Weechat for IRC, but I’ve long since stopped using Bitlbee as I don’t use chat anymore.

Recently the ownership / control of freenode came under some scrutiny and as a result many channels, including some of the ones I frequent, moved from freenode to libera. Adding libera as an IRC server got me thinking about tweaking my Weechat configuration. What follows is a review of how I have it setup, and includes my latest configuration changes.

Tmux and ssh

I make heavy use of tmux and ssh in both my personal computing projects and in my professional life. Back in 2015 one of my goals was to have a single instance of Weechat running. I accomplished this by installing it on a NUC running Ubuntu on my home network. By using tmux to create a session that houses weechat, I’m able to ssh into my server and attach to weechat from any of my other devices. All my IRC logs, settings, and configuration lives in one place. This has been one of the best decisions I made about IRC.

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