Moving to an eSim

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With an iPhone 14 Pro on order, I’ve been reading about eSIMs. My iPhone 12 Pro has a physical SIM card, and room for an eSIM as well. The new iPhone 14 Pro no longer has a SIM card slot (at least in North America); rather than wait for the day it arrives to convert, I went ahead and did it today.

A quick search on Duck Duck Go brought me to About eSIM on iPhone at Apple Support site. Following the steps outlined in the “Convert a Physical SIM to an eSIM on the same iPhone” section was straight forward and quick to do.

Open up the Settings app, and then tap on Cellular. Tap the “Convert to eSIM” button. Wait. Once it is done, power off the phone, remove the physical SIM, and power the phone back on. VoilĂ .

Now, when my new phone arrives, I only have to manage the transfer from old to new.

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