Use Neovim Autocmd to Alter Colorscheme

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I’m currently using the onedarkhc colorscheme for Neovim. I like nearly everything about it, except for the default comment color. Out of the box it uses a very faint grey that I find hard to read against a dark (black) background.

To change the color I’m using an autocmd to override the highlight color for comments.

local _general = agrp("_general", { clear = true })

acmd({ "ColorScheme" },
      { pattern = "*",
        callback = function()
          vim.api.nvim_set_hl(0, "Comment", { fg = "Grey63" })
        group = _general })

agrp and acmd are local functions that wrapper vim.api.nvim.create_group and vim.api.nvim.create_autocmd respectively.

Finding a color I liked actually took longer to accomplish than creating the autocmd.

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