Scratch Vm Using Docker

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After watching 0 to LSP: Neovim RC From Scratch I wanted to experiment with my own Neovim configuration. Fortunately, someone tweeted a very nice way to have a scratch environment, totally separate from your current Neovim configuration, for experimentation.

Start by creating a scratch directory on your host machine. Then using that directory run this command:

docker run -it --rm -v {$PWD}:/root/.config/nvim -w /root/.config/nvim --net host alpine sh

After the image is started, run

apk add neovim neovim-doc

to install Neovim and its documentation.

The Docker instance will start surprisingly quickly, and since it is mapped to a directory on your host machine, the configuration you make will be saved. I can see myself using this pattern for other experiements.

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