Mar 08 Checklists and Procedures


Dec 17 Scratch Vm Using Docker
Dec 03 Algorithm of Code
Dec 01 When the Internet Was New and Fresh
Nov 29 Neovim Autocmd to Call Lsp Formatting on Save
Nov 23 Using Starship for My Bash Prompt
Nov 07 Converting From Jekyll to Hugo
Nov 04 Use Neovim Autocmd to Alter Colorscheme
Oct 13 Check if Reboot is Required on Linux
Oct 12 Zero to Production in Rust Day Zero
Oct 07 Use Browser Profiles for Multiple AWS Accounts
Oct 05 Updating Your Website Via GitHub Actions
Oct 04 Force Safari to Put New Tab at End of Tab Bar
Sep 26 Desktop Experiment
Sep 19 Moving to an eSim
Sep 11 Automating a Reading List
Mar 23 How to Setup Lua Autocmds for Neovim
Mar 06 Converting my Neovim Configuration to Lua
Mar 01 How to use Virtual Machines for Privileged Access


Jun 18 Using Docker Compose to Run Jekyll
Jun 18 Solving Operation not Permitted Errors over Remote Access
Mar 02 Kinds of Documentation
Feb 26 How Not to End a Customer Relationship
Feb 02 Spark Email for macOS
Jan 24 Ten Days of Spark Email - Day 1
Jan 23 Thirty Days of Mutt - Day 10
Jan 21 Thirty Days of Mutt - Day 8
Jan 18 Thirty Days of Mutt - Days 4 & 5
Jan 16 Thirty Days of Mutt - Day 3
Jan 15 Thirty Days of Mutt - Day 2
Jan 14 Thirty Days of Mutt - Day 1
Jan 04 Apple M1 iMac, M1 iMac Pro, and Retina Monitor
Jan 04 Project Euler


Nov 10 Apple Silicone MacBook Pro
Oct 07 Create Lab Machines Using Vagrant
Sep 30 Bash Script to Manage VPN Routes
May 14 Apple Watch Reset
May 09 1722
Apr 04 Why Using Your Gmail Address as Your Username is a Bad Idea
Mar 22 A Script to Monitor SSL Certificate Dates
Jan 27 How to Block Bloglovin


Oct 15 How I Setup Arch Linux Using UEFI and an Encrypted LVM
Sep 19 How to Manage Bash Paths on MacOS
Sep 07 A Tale of Two Cards
Sep 06 Switching to Bitwarden
Jul 31 What Computer to Buy?
Mar 16 My MacBook Pro Has A Swollen Battery
Jan 26 Triple Boot Part 4: Install Ubuntu and Replace GRUB2 with systemd-boot
Jan 26 Triple Boot Part 3: Install Arch Linux and Setup systemd-boot
Jan 26 Triple Boot Part 2: Install Windows 10 with a Larger EFI Partition
Jan 26 Triple Boot Part 1: Create Bootable USB Installers
Jan 26 How to Install Three Operating Systems on One Laptop
Jan 03 List crontab for Every User on the System
Jan 02 How to Rename a Git Branch


Nov 20 Matomo Vistor Tracking
Feb 15 Using htaccess to Get Rid of &wd=test
Jan 19 Using tcpdump to Debug Database Connection


Aug 31 How to Customize Ubuntu's Message of the Day
Aug 13 How to Use Let's Encrypt with WebFaction
Jul 29 ASUS Q325UA Review
May 31 A Script to Install My Dotfiles


Dec 30 2015 Books
Oct 02 How to Spell Check with Vim
Oct 01 Change sshd Port on Mac OS X El Capitan
Aug 30 Power to Weight
Aug 13 Buying a Car Via Email
Feb 05 Arch Linux on a MacBook Pro Part 4: System Configuration
Feb 05 Arch Linux on a MacBook Pro Part 3: Base Installation
Feb 05 Arch Linux on a MacBook Pro Part 2: Preparing for Dual-Boot
Feb 05 Arch Linux on a MacBook Pro Part 1: Creating a USB Installer
Feb 05 How to Dual Boot Mac OS X and Arch Linux on a MacBook Pro
Jan 19 Teaching A Homely Mutt New Tricks
Jan 10 A Guide for Setting Up Weechat and Bitlbee


Dec 27 Changing My tmux Command Prefix to Tic
Dec 26 Integrating Dash Into Vim and the Command Line
Jul 23 How to Rename Chef Roles
Jul 02 Using Teamocil To Manage Tmux Sessions
Jul 01 How To Synchronize Your iDevice With A New Computer
Apr 10 My RSS Feeds
Mar 04 How I setup my Chef Workstation
Feb 04 Searching Files for a String
Feb 03 How to List Brew Dependencies
Jan 27 How to Delete Ruby Gems, Part II


Nov 11 Preparing for Git 2.0
Nov 08 How to Build an RSS Feed for Jekyll
Nov 07 Save Video from Dropbox to iOS Device
Nov 06 Zero Motorcycles
Nov 06 Developing iOS7 Apps for iPhone and iPad
Nov 04 Zanshin.net Refresh
Oct 30 Use RVM to Fix SSL Certificates
Sep 13 How to Delete Your Quarantine Download History
Sep 12 Various Defaults Write Commands
Sep 11 Recursively Find and Replace a String in All Files
Sep 10 iOS Apps on My Home Screen
Sep 09 Using Vimux With Octopress
Sep 08 How to Display a Neatly Formatted Path
Sep 07 Using Alfred to Lock Your Computer
Sep 06 Learning to Touch Type
Sep 05 My Tmux Configuration
Sep 04 Daily Homebrew Update Alias
Sep 03 How to Use Homebrew Zsh Instead of Mac OS X Default
Sep 02 How to Remove Git Submodules
Sep 01 Hibernation Settings for SSD on Mac OS X
Aug 27 Setup Openconnect for Mac OS X Lion
Aug 26 Weight Loss Technology
Aug 15 TwelveSouth SurfacePad for iPhone 5
Jul 17 The Joys of Changing Your Password
Jun 10 How to Delete All Ruby Gems
Jun 05 Drag but Can't Drop Fixed
Jun 03 Automatically Reattach to Tmux Session in iTerm
May 29 SurfacePad Unavailable
May 22 Email Newsletters
May 08 The Power of Asking
Mar 29 My Setup
Feb 26 SurfacePad Review
Feb 08 Instant Sublime Text Starter
Feb 07 Tracking Your iPhone's Location
Feb 02 Zsh Configuration From the Ground Up
Jan 25 Git Log Command Showing Commit Differences Between Local and Remote Repository
Jan 21 Sublime Text 2 Dotfiles Simplified
Jan 12 Calculus One
Jan 10 How to Update a Github Fork
Jan 01 Year by Year Statistics


Dec 11 Tab Dump
Oct 15 Coursera Homework Scored Not Evaluated
Oct 09 Coursera Lecture Issues
Oct 07 Leaving Squarespace
Sep 29 Functional Programming Principles in Scala
Sep 17 Coursera
Sep 04 Display Notification Center Alerts on Remote Machines
Sep 04 Facebook Email Invasion
Aug 31 Xcode Project Template Copyright Fixed
Aug 17 Deleting Apple System Logs to Speed Up Zsh
Aug 14 Migrating to Squarespace
Aug 03 Adding Sublime Text 2 Settings, Themes, and Plugins to Dotfiles
Aug 01 My zsh Setup for Python virtualenv
Jul 31 Uninstalling Brew to Reinstall Brew
Jul 24 Lose It! App Review
Jul 18 MacBook Pro Fan Replacement
Jul 12 Restore iPhone Voice Mail After Using Google Voice App
Jul 03 Change SSHD Port on Mac OS X Lion
Jun 26 Git Commit Picture
Jun 26 Octopress Sidebar Categories
Jun 08 Showing Git Commit Counts
May 29 Migrating From Bluehost to WebFaction
May 22 Final Straw
May 16 Getting Solarized Working in Vim and iTerm2
May 11 Stellar Sibelius Support
May 07 30 Years in IT
Apr 12 Make Mail Badge Show Only Personal Emails
Apr 03 Renaming Github Repository
Mar 27 Skip One Day of Housekeeping Get Free Wi-Fi
Mar 26 Updating iPhoto and Posting to Flickr
Mar 25 iPhoto Flickr Sets Don't Transfer
Mar 13 SVN Prompt Improved
Mar 09 Wordy Nerdy Zsh Prompt
Mar 06 Switching From Rvm to Rbenv
Mar 06 Formatting and Reinstalling Mac OS X Lion
Mar 05 Best Repository Ever
Mar 01 A Clean Slate
Feb 27 Swipe the Linen
Feb 27 Setup Jenkins for iOS Builds
Feb 24 so create
Feb 22 Google Chrome Extensions
Feb 17 RVM and Xcode 4.3
Feb 16 Digital Signature in Mac OS X Lion
Feb 11 Retail DNA
Feb 09 Creating iPhone Ringtones Using iTunes
Feb 08 Available iPhone Prices
Feb 08 Android Apps
Feb 07 Leaving Android
Jan 31 Flickr Photo Gallery
Jan 31 How to Set TextMate 2 Properties
Jan 30 1000 Visits
Jan 12 Update a Github Fork From the Original Repository


Dec 20 Expanding Code Blocks for Octopress
Dec 16 Comments
Dec 15 Virtual Desktops
Dec 12 Xcode New Project Template Copyright
Dec 09 Apps Versus Web Apps
Dec 07 Installing XCode Documentation
Dec 07 Site Statistics
Dec 05 iOS Programming and CS193P
Nov 15 Using Vim
Oct 31 Upgrading Is Not an Option
Oct 30 Verizon Time Change
Oct 21 Library Tonnage
Oct 17 How to Move VirtualBox Guest Hard Drives
Oct 07 Cell Phone Math
Oct 06 Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
Oct 05 There Are No Words
Oct 03 Wordy
Sep 20 Sticky Notes
Sep 05 Pagination Part Deux
Sep 04 Pagination
Sep 01 The Internet Never Forgets
Aug 27 Forking Octopress
Aug 24 Amazon Plugin for Octopress
Aug 13 Under Siege
Aug 12 Oh My Zsh!
Aug 09 Shiny
Jul 29 Google Fonts
Jun 29 Password Management
Jun 12 One Hundred Thousand
Jun 09 Beauty in Destruction
May 17 Linky Bits
May 13 50,000
Feb 25 Windows Restore
Jan 11 Sidebar Clobbered
Jan 07 Barriers to Payment


Feb 25 How NOT to Install Pepper Updates for Mint
Feb 24 14 years


Dec 09 50,000
Oct 09 Managing ssh keys
Sep 28 Suggestions, please
Sep 02 Using CRON to Control TimeMachine Backups
Aug 06 Favorite Artists
Jun 22 Hot
Mar 26 RSS versus Live
Mar 05 Chords are Polymorphic
Feb 23 Password Security


Nov 05 Two Speeches
Oct 31 25,001
Aug 20 Closing the Door on Comment Spam
Aug 12 Close Old Posts
Jul 22 Eclipse Ganymede on Ubuntu
Jul 17 Wordpress Automatic Update
Jul 17 The Problem with Pattern Passwords
Apr 28 Using rsync to Update Wordpress
Mar 31 Wordpress 2.5 Fixes Safari/TinyMCE Bug
Mar 01 My Professional Self
Feb 01 Roundhaus
Jan 03 Up Trend
Jan 02 New Year, New Host


Dec 20 Tumblr
Dec 17 Domain Transfer
Dec 08 New Host, New Site
Dec 05 Tar and mysqldump Are Your Friends
Dec 02 Signup Snafu
Dec 01 Site Migration
Nov 27 OpenCourseWare
Nov 26 Lack of Visits
Nov 15 Spinal Mac
Nov 12 Graph Paper
Nov 07 How to See Your Mailing List Postings Using Gmail
Nov 04 Configuring Apple Mail for GMail IMAP Access
Nov 02 24/7/52
Oct 29 Place Names
Oct 28 Waiting
Oct 11 Zone Alarm Blocks Internet After Hibernation
Oct 05 Alphabet Soup
Oct 03 Death of a Password
Oct 02 European Keyboard
Sep 30 Memory Card Infected
Sep 14 High Speed Internet
Sep 10 More Email Nerdery
Aug 31 Words That Aren't
Aug 27 48 Hours Equals Five Days
Aug 22 A Layered Defense for Email
Aug 20 Pantech Mobile Broadband Card on Mac OS X
Aug 18 SSL To The Rescue
Aug 06 Under Development
Jul 26 My God! It's full of stars.
Jul 23 Death of a Domain
Jul 18 Random Is As Random Does
Jul 17 How to Disable System Tray Popups
Jul 10 OK
Jul 06 Culled
Jul 01 Letting Go
Jun 15 w600i Speed Fix
May 22 Podcasts
Apr 17 Tangential
Apr 09 Yes I Am A Nerd
Apr 09 Typographic Spacing
Apr 06 Copy All Subdirectory Contents to New Directory
Mar 22 The Classics
Mar 17 No Nukes
Mar 14 Pi Day
Mar 14 Acronym vs. Initialization
Mar 13 Time Warp
Mar 05 Firefox Inline Autocomplete
Feb 27 iMovie Wow
Feb 22 Software I Didn't Know I Had
Feb 14 EV-DO Rocks
Feb 13 A Tale of Two Cards
Jan 21 The Joy of Software


Dec 27 New Digs
Dec 26 111111
Dec 11 Forward, Not Reply
Nov 30 Eleven Hundred
Nov 17 Resume Update and Trackback Spam
Nov 15 Camping Out For Wii
Nov 06 Meebo
Oct 06 The Cable Guy, Part II
Oct 05 The Cable Guy
Sep 21 WiFi Wilderness
Aug 03 Internet Scourge
Aug 02 Three Hundred Thousand
Jul 27 One Thousand
Jul 24 Software Process
Jul 24 Love That Paper Tape
Jun 18 Burned
Jun 14 You Might Be A Nerd If...
Jun 07 Google Rocks
May 17 Spam, spam, spam
Apr 25 OneCare Frustration
Apr 19 Link Surge
Apr 17 A Tale Of Two Phones
Apr 13 Google Goodness
Apr 11 Modem Mania
Apr 11 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Mar 31 Two Month Review
Mar 16 Adobe Reader Ads
Mar 15 3,150,983
Mar 03 Public Hygiene
Mar 02 Smashed To Smithereens
Feb 10 Measure Once, Cut Twice
Feb 06 A Bag For All Occasions
Feb 02 As If The <Blink> Tag Wasn't Bad Enough
Feb 02 All Your Computer Are Belong To Us
Jan 31 ThinkPad Z60m
Jan 30 $13,150
Jan 25 Pins and Needles
Jan 19 Wi-Fi: $9.95... Wired: free
Jan 12 It's A Small World
Jan 10 Only $50 More
Jan 07 Resolution For the New Year


Dec 07 Cool Mint
Nov 14 OS Medley
Nov 10 Big Dopey, Part II
Nov 08 High Tech Toy, Low Tech Sales Staff
Nov 06 950 Words
Sep 11 Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
Aug 30 128 Hours Later
Aug 26 Welcome. Powering up...
Aug 10 Flash Popup Blocking
Aug 04 What Business Can Learn From Open Source
Jun 06 EMail
Mar 19 30,000+
Feb 25 I Love Maps
Jan 30 The Mouse BT
Jan 19 No Follow and the Return of Comments
Jan 19 500th Posting
Jan 14 Mouse Blues


Dec 12 This Just In From MarsEdit
Dec 10 10,000 and Counting
Dec 06 Mean Time To Failure
Nov 24 Up Yours
Nov 09 Firefox Start
Oct 11 WiFi Freedom
Sep 27 Visitors by Browser
Sep 11 Fun With Statistics
Aug 29 Ranking
Jun 14 Alice's Restaurant
Apr 04 Fun with Datetime
Feb 24 Through the Looking Glass
Feb 17 Resume Revisited
Feb 15 Tivo 2
Feb 14 Referer Spam
Feb 01 January Spam
Jan 30 Clever
Jan 22 Putting a New Groove On
Jan 20 CPU Frequency III
Jan 17 Full Entry RSS Feed
Jan 09 Who reads Zanshin?
Jan 07 Your Own Font
Jan 07 My Nerd Quotient
Jan 05 eReading eBooks
Jan 05 2003, The Year in Spam


Dec 19 Secure E-Mail via ssh
Dec 14 Some Tidbits
Dec 09 SpamSieve: Coming Soon To A Mail Box Near Me
Dec 05 November Spam
Dec 05 Alone in the Wilderness
Nov 29 I've been Banned from /.
Nov 11 Whoa. I have seen the Revolution
Nov 06 October Spam
Nov 05 8,400,000,000 Miles To Home
Oct 20 ssh, part II
Oct 09 September Spam
Sep 09 i(Multi-Protocol)Chat
Sep 08 Camino Revisited
Sep 05 August Spam
Aug 11 July Spam
Aug 08 Domino Effect
Jul 28 Refer madness
Jul 25 Browse Like It's 1995
Jul 21 Enlightenment
Jul 17 ssh!
Jul 15 Brother, Can You Spare a Job
Jul 08 Bits and Bytes
Jun 30 June Spam
Jun 10 iMainframe
May 12 Gizmodo Mention
Apr 17 Enigmo
Apr 11 The Matrix Reloaded Trailer Released
Apr 02 Name Dropping
Mar 06 Refer
Mar 05 Monopoly Money
Mar 04 Rewriting History
Mar 03 Static
Feb 28 I'm A Big Dopey
Feb 18 Total Waste of Time
Feb 08 Uptime
Feb 03 HotSync Woes
Jan 27 Escrow Scam
Jan 19 No more keys
Jan 05 Same Signal, More Noise
Jan 01 Signal to Noise


Nov 13 Pseudo Digital Clock
Nov 11 404 Errors
Nov 03 Windows XP Professional
Oct 07 10 Tips for Online Auctions
Sep 18 Kiss of Death
Sep 16 Gut Instinct
Sep 15 Indecision
Sep 13 Momentary Lapse of Reason
Jul 19 I thought it was funny...
May 14 Palm Portable Keyboard
May 10 New Growth In Spring
Mar 02 Geek Test


Sep 22 Are you there?
Apr 29 1000 Hours Free!
Mar 07 Orthogonal Persistence


Aug 08 The Frustrations of Computers


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